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Another Earth Day Under Our Belts

Vogel Appliance is pleased to report that we recycled several bins of appliance parts in the first quarter of 2010. From refrigerator electronics to a dishwasher door to a dryer motor, we have saved many appliance parts from the landfill. We also recycle the cardboard boxes our new appliance parts come in.

Most of our recyclable appliance parts go to Workforce Inc., an Indianapolis nonprofit that works with ex-offenders to teach them job and life skills that help them re-enter society. Workforce disassembles electronics and recycles all components, from plastics to metals to glass. Appliance parts contain many materials, especially copper wires and gold microchips. Appliance parts can also contain toxic waste, which Workforce removes and properly disposes.

The next time you have a repair in the Indianapolis area, rest-assured that Vogel Appliance will take care of your appliance and the planet.


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