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Blame It One The Rain

The Indianapolis sewer system can only handle so much. Especially when heavy rain moves in, it’s prime time for flooding. But don’t just runoff and do nothing. Help alleviate strain on storm sewers and prevent pollutants from seeping into our waterways by limiting your demand on water during rainy days.

  • Limit laundry, dishwasher use, flushing and showering during heavy rain. Indy’s wastewater treatment plants can only handle so much before they overflow into our waterways.

For more information on protecting our waterways, check out tips from Green Piece Indy and the Indianapolis Clean Stream Team.


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Gasket Case

It was 90+ degrees in Indianapolis last weekend. One good way to keep your cool is to test your refrigerator gaskets to be sure they’re sealing properly. If they’re not, you may need a visit from your favorite appliance repair guy sooner than later. Here’s an easy test for your fridge.

Close a dollar bill in your refrigerator door. Gently pull on the dollar bill. There should be a tug. If the dollar bill slides right out, then you likely need a new gasket. Be sure to do this test around the entire seal of the door.

A weak gasket means your refrigerator will be working on overdrive to keep cool. And that’s not cool.

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