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Pre-rinse Cycle

Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted on the Vogel Appliance blog. I guess I haven’t come across anything quite as noteworthy as this.

If you have an older (or cheaper) dishwasher, pre-rinsing your dishes can be a very important part of the process. Some people use the sprayer on their sink, a dish rag, or even just run their dishes under the faucet to remove excess food. Here’s is what we use in the Vogel Appliance household:

This is not recommended for pre-rinse units over 15 lbs. Floor models are available. If you’d like to test out our pre-rinse unit before investing in your own, just let me know when you call to schedule your next appliance repair!


June 29, 2011 Posted by | Dishwasher | 1 Comment