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Celebrity for Hire

If you’ve been dragging your feet about calling to get one of your appliances fixed, you’ll want to do so soon. Chris from Vogel Appliance Service is now a celebrity! Check out his appliance care tips on Indy Style.


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Some Advice That’s Not A Bunch of Garbage

There’s lots of old wives tales about garbage disposals. Broken glass or chemicals can be used to sharpen the blades.  A “bone crusher” can actually crush bones. Don’t wash egg shells down the disposal!

Here are a few tips that are worth not washing down the drain.

  • If it seems like your garbage disposal isn’t chewing up your scraps, drop ice cubes (while the water is running) down the drain to sharpen your garbage disposal blades.
  • Just dispose of garlic and onion peels or stinky old leftovers? Grind up a couple lemon peels (while the water is running) to freshen up your garbage disposal.
  • Dispose of egg shells in your garbage disposal (while the water is running) to help clean out your pipes. Pulverized shells turn into tiny little scrapers that will cut through build up.

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