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Celebrity for Hire

If you’ve been dragging your feet about calling to get one of your appliances fixed, you’ll want to do so soon. Chris from Vogel Appliance Service is now a celebrity! Check out his appliance care tips on Indy Style.


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Ditch Your Fridge and Chill Your Bill

That old energy-hogging fridge in your basement or garage may be good for keeping your excess beverage supply cold, but it’s also costing you a pretty penny.

If you have an older, second refrigerator or freezer sitting in your basement or garage, it is likely using up to five times as much electricity as a newer, more energy-efficient model. And that can be costing you almost $100 a year!

Save money on your energy bill by letting Indianapolis Power & Light haul that old refrigerator or freezer away for FREE. And, IPL will give you a $30 check for choosing to save energy!

You qualify for this program if:

  • You are an IPL residential customer.
  • Your old fridge or freezer is working and will be empty at the time of pick-up.
  • Your old fridge or freezer is between 10 and 30 cubic feet in size.

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Gasket Case

It was 90+ degrees in Indianapolis last weekend. One good way to keep your cool is to test your refrigerator gaskets to be sure they’re sealing properly. If they’re not, you may need a visit from your favorite appliance repair guy sooner than later. Here’s an easy test for your fridge.

Close a dollar bill in your refrigerator door. Gently pull on the dollar bill. There should be a tug. If the dollar bill slides right out, then you likely need a new gasket. Be sure to do this test around the entire seal of the door.

A weak gasket means your refrigerator will be working on overdrive to keep cool. And that’s not cool.

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Spring Cleaning

There’s nothing like an Indiana Spring. The first day of Spring is called the Vernal Equinox and should have exactly 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness. In Indiana, we may get a beautiful sunny, 60-degree day, or we may get frost. I prefer the former.

As you start spring cleaning, don’t forget your appliances – vacuum the refrigerator coils to keep it running efficiently, clean your microwave filter if it’s on over-the-range microwave, clean your dishwasher with dishwasher cleaner, and pull out the oven to clean underneath (our cats like to hide random objects under the oven).

Of course, there are a lot of other appliance parts that need regular cleaning, not just seasonal. Always be sure to clean you dryer vent after every drying cycle and wipe out spaghetti splatters from the inside of the microwave!

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